Dynamo to Solibri using IFC via Anvil

ver the past few months, I have been developing a package for Dynamo that is capable of reading, editing, and writing Industry Foundation Classes (IFCs) that I have aptly called Anvil. I have big plans for Anvil, as the workflows it could support are extremely valuable. From a QC perspective, this means being able to automate the cleanup or the addition of information to both dumb and smart models. I intend to bring the world of model checking and compliance checking into the world of visual programming….

BCF Exporter for Navisworks 2014

At CASE, we often use Navisworks in addition to Solibri Model Checker. If you use either of these tools, you are aware that they are primarily analysis tools used for coordination and quality control. The primary output of these two tools for coordination are in the form of reports. Navisworks can report clashes in the […]